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5 Characteristics of a Perfect Boss


Source – Profiles International SBP TERAGRAM Coaching & Consulting Group – reprinted with permission

Some managers inspire and motivate, but many fail miserably to engage their employees. Some run a highly effective team, yet their employees live and work in fear. Some on the other hand, are just absolute disasters and a joke to leaders everywhere. Have you seen the movie Horrible Bosses? From the oppressive and aggressive bosses to abusive leaders, the entertainment industry seems to have created the ultimate formula for the "bad boss" character. With millions of books, DVDs, research papers, and solutions in the business world today, why can’t real managers understand how to be more effective? 

There are a wide variety of bosses, from the micro-manager to the non-existent boss. Here is one statement to TRULY believe -- people quit people, not jobs

The best bosses became great by taking a genuine interest for each and every team member. Not only do they want the company to succeed, but the individual employee as well. Happy employees = hardworking employees! Common sense, no? 

You’ve been surrounded with many tips and tricks for effective management and leadership skills. Here is a breakdown of “must-haves” for the perfect boss! Although no one is perfect, however an outstanding and awesome boss will be: 

1. A Communicator 
This point is number one for a reason! Talk to your team; tell them their goals and the goals of the organization. Be transparent! How in the world can you ever expect success if you don’t define what success means to your department and company? This can be daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, whatever suits your team and task list. Have weekly meetings, it keeps your people tuned in and engaged on what as a team have to accomplish each week. 

Apart from team goals, communicate your employees’ development with them. There is nothing more valuable in this world than feedback. The perfect boss will tell when an individual is doing a great job, let them know when they have dropped the ball, and what they need to work on in the future. 

2. A Leader 
Often, companies promote a top performer because of previous successes, without ever determining or assessing if that person is capable and suited to manage a specific team. True leaders are able to instill trust, provide direction, and delegate responsibility. Just because an employee reached a sales goal of one million last quarter, does not mean that he or she can manage or lead a team. The perfect boss will be a combination of a top performer with the skills and attributes to lead a team. 

3. Passionate 
Have extreme passionate about everything done, professionally and in your personal life. Don’t be an over-excited "cheerleading type" boss; the ideal boss will be excited about our mission, what we are trying to accomplish, and will instill this in their team members. 

4. A Relationship Builder 
Effective managers spend a significant amount of time and effort building a relationships with their people. Doing this builds trust and loyalty with your employees. It makes employees feel valued, and valued employees work harder. Offer rewards programs, teach new skills, and treat them with respect. Just because you’re not in an office environment does not mean you can forgo basic leadership. 

5. A Hard Worker 
No organization can run like a smoothly operated machine unless everyone knows how those moving parts work. A great manager will understand the flow of operations and be willing to do just as much work as their worker bees. Do not ask them to do something they would not do themselves. That will earn their respect.

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